Aluminum Portable Stage And Fast Install Stage

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • T-stage, S-stage, performance fan-shaped curved stage
  • Stage can be customized according to requirements
  • SGS,CE,TUV certificates
  • Loading weight capacity 800-1200KGS per square meter
  • The stage retractable storage frame has a small storage and transportation space, and it is quick to install without tools.

Product Details

The quick install aluminum alloy stage is also called the simple stage, the activity stage, and the aluminum alloy stage. It is the patented product of the Royal Kay stage. Through continuous improvement and upgrading, it has been applied to the school stage, hotel wedding stage, large-scale performance stage, equipment rental stage. , lighting and sound engineering stage, cultural institutions stage, multi-function hall stage and other large-scale event stage. It has become the most widely used aluminum alloy stage in the global market.

The aluminum alloy excellent fast-adjusting stage adjustment has a wide range of high precision and strong load-bearing capacity. The stage is welded with 3mm thick aluminum alloy profiles. The panel is made of 18mm thick panel. It consists of two parts: the stage panel and the stage adjustment leg. It is certified by a third-party authority: SGS, CE, TUV certification, 800-1200kg per square foot, stage retreat The storage and transportation inside the storage frame is small, and the installation is quick and no tools are needed. The 100 square meters can be built in 40 minutes.

Quick install stage regular specifications: 1000×1000, 1000×2000, 1220×1220, 1220×2440 (mm)
Stage regular height: 400-600, 500-800, 600-1000, 700-1200, 800-1500 (mm)
The shape of the large load-bearing and fast-wearing stage can be designed to be more diversified. The T-stage, S-stage, performance fan-shaped curved stage and auto show different height modeling stage can be customized according to requirements.


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